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Summer Holidays Are Here …. It’s Never Too Late to Style up your Outdoor Space with the Latest Looks from

With the Summer holidays now upon us, it’s time to get outdoors, whatever the weather … and outdoor furniture specialists have everything you need to make the most out of your outdoor living space from sunrise to sunset.

Use their tips on how to choose furniture that makes the most of every inch of your garden and outdoor areas – whether you’ve got a lush green garden or courtyard.

Get Creative with your Outdoor Space

Make the most of a shady spot with this mental bench that perfectly fits around a tree trunk. Enjoy your morning coffee in the great outdoors.

Allington Outdoor Metal Tree Bench Seat, £180.

Zone larger gardens with formal and casual spaces

Create a dining area and a more casual seating space. Choose the same design and style for a refined and well pulled together look. This dining and lounge set combines wood and rattan, a stylish take on the popular outdoor trend with a hint of retro.

Eva 4-Seater Rattan Outdoor Dining Set Table and Chairs, £936


Rattan and Rope effect gives the illusion of Space in a Small Garden …

 Rattan and rope can make your garden feel more spacious and inviting. These versatile materials have lightweight and airy qualities, making them visually less imposing in your garden resulting in the power to transform your outdoor space, creating the illusion of a larger, more open area.

Carlos 2-Seater Outdoor Bistro Tea Set, £520

Maximise Small Spaces with Folded Furniture

Folded furniture is a game-changer for those with limited space like a balcony or courtyard. Its practical design allows you to optimise your living area without compromising on style or functionality. When not in use, these clever pieces can be conveniently folded and tucked away, creating more floor space for you to move around and enjoy. It’s a smart solution for making the most out of your small living area.

Francis Outdoor Metal Bistro Set, £299


Think about homely finishing touches

Adding homely finishing touches to your garden can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Garden accessories are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners seeking ways to enhance their gardens to make them feel like an extension of their home.

Trezzo Indoor Outdoor Rattan Side Table, £329


Modular Sets: The perfect solution for entertaining without taking over your space

With its clever modular design, our dining set easily adapts to any need. Expand it for larger gatherings or keep it compact for everyday use. Not only does modular dining sets save space, but they also exude modern elegance with its clean lines and contemporary finishes.

Mae Outdoor Rattan 8 Seater Cube Dining Set, £1,800




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