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Our News Sites

Our News sites and target audience for each

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URLDATarget Audience 53General UK audience 55Professional finance community age 50+/Lifestyle 60Residents of Bridgend 42Construction professionals 54Business Readers in the Midlands 56business news/marketing southwest business site 66Campers and  Caravanners 55News from the CCR Region and Charity followers News 54Climate News from Creative Businesses 53General UK business audience 56Driving/Logistics news professionals and parents 57The UK Professional HR Community 55climate and environment Business News 56Professional Healthcare (doc/nurse) 51Homes and Interior Design News (UK Wide) News from Mid Wales & Marches’s Interests 35Our newswire in Scotland 55Readers in the North of England 56Readers living/working in Wales 54Readers in North Wales professional property community 55The UK small business community from the South East 56Readers in  South West England News 56food and drink 38Primarily womens interests 36home/consumer/general tech 58Telecoms industry news 26Lifestyle and Fashion News News UK & Worldwide 52CEOs 36a general UK news audience 56The UK Professional Tech Community 54Consumer/HR health and wellbeing News from Wales 55News from West Wales News