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Local Hero: Bath Based Clean Food Group Develops Bio-Equivalent Palm Oil Alternative

Clean Food Group (CFG) is a pioneering UK-based food-tech startup on a mission to eradicate palm oil from our world. CFG have developed a yeast-based, bio-equivalent ‘lab grown’ alternative to palm oil, which acts and behaves in the same way natural palm oil does. 

Shockingly, palm oil is the second largest contributor of deforestation in the world, yet globally, we each consume an average of 8kg of palm oil a year. This crisis is wiping out rainforests, leaving several species endangered, and the corrupted palm oil trade is threatening communities with forced evictions and land-grabbing.

CFG’s technology has been developed by Professor Chris Chuck and his team at the University of Bath over the last eight years and is expected to go to market next year. CFG’s goal is to make healthier, more sustainable alternatives to food ingredients that are causing irrevocable damage to our planet and our health, without compromising on taste or performance.

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