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Marketing Made Simple, thanks to a new FREE course from Europe’s Most Influential Female Business Coach

Melitta Campbell is a business coach and marketing expert who is on a mission to turnaround the fortunes of small businesses.

She’s doing this through a free 12-part online marketing course that helps them understand the fundamentals of marketing, so they can avoid costly mistakes, save time, and create marketing that feels meaningful, builds relationships and has an impact.

Business owners shouldn’t be fooled by the £0 price tag – Melitta’s explanations and tools are game-changing.

“I’ve invested a lot of money in marketing courses over the years, but this course finally gave me the information and context I really need,” said one participant “I’m now much more confident in what I’m doing, and I understand how to attract the right clients into my business in ways that feel natural to me.”

So why exactly is Melitta giving this course away for free, when so many others place a high price tag on such information and training?

“It breaks my heart when I see talented business owners fail, due to a lack of understanding of what marketing is and how to make it work for them,” explained Melitta. “Particularly when I know that if they had a little more insight into what it really is and how to make it work seamlessly with the rest of their business, they could be enjoying a very different future – and so could their clients!

“Over my 30-years in marketing, I’ve seen how complex and overwhelming it can be, particularly for large companies. But for small businesses, I believe marketing can be straightforward, enjoyable and can create a real difference. I wanted to let them know this and give them a framework to help them get started on a better path.”

Over 12-video lessons, available online or as an app, participants of Melitta’s Marketing Made Simple learn how to:


  • Make marketing work for your small business and avoid overwhelm
  • Avoid the 3 biggest marketing mistakes
  • Define their Profitable niche
  • Create their Marketing Plan (together with a downloadable template)
  • Design a Feel-Good Funnel to attract more of their dream clients
  • Enjoy the lifestyle and impact they set out to create

In just three hours or less, business owners can discover the exact steps they need to take to plan and implement marketing that works, and doesn’t leave them feeling awkward or exhausted.

For three-decades Melitta has been helping businesses grow through aligned messaging and meaningful marketing that articulates their value and builds relationships.

In this powerful induction to small-business marketing, she shares this expertise, alongside her own brand of empathy and caring which has won her the ‘Most Influential Business Coach (Europe) Award from AI, two years in a row, and to be named by LinkedIn as one of the 16 top sales influencers to follow and one of their 15 most authentic contributors.

If you are a small business looking for a better way to market your business and attract clients, you’ll find the free Marketing Made Simple course here:


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