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Digicel Deploys Enea AdaptiveMobile Security to Protect Mobile Networks in 26 Caribbean and Central American Markets

Stockholm, Sweden and Dublin, Ireland May 24, 2022 Enea the world leader in mobile network security, today announced that Digicel Group has deployed Enea AdaptiveMobile Security’s comprehensive signaling security solution to protect mobile networks and subscribers in 26 markets across the Caribbean and Central American region. Using the Enea AdaptiveMobile Security SS7 and Diameter signaling security platform, together with unique threat intelligence services, Digicel ensures unrivalled protection for its networks and subscribers in each country.

Bad actors and fraudsters exploit technical vulnerabilities to breach subscriber privacy, to deny access to services and to directly defraud both mobile operators and subscribers. Enea AdaptiveMobile Security’s award-winning signaling security firewall and threat intelligence solutions protect networks using signaling protocols such as SS7 and Diameter from continuous attack. This offers domestic and roaming subscribers protection from new and emerging cybersecurity threats.

“We are an operator group that places our commitment to security at the core of our operation, adopting a zero-trust interconnection strategy,” said Krishna Phillipps, Group CTO, Digicel. “After a thorough evaluation of the best possible partners to help us deliver on this vision, we selected Enea AdaptiveMobile Security’s security platform and threat intelligence services to continue protecting our networks against today’s threats and those we’ll face tomorrow.”

“Threat actors are well versed in penetrating unprotected mobile networks. As a result, it is critical that mobile operators work to actively secure vulnerable network infrastructure and maintain a managed defense. This level of security will be a clear differentiator for Digicel across all its markets”, said Brian Collins, SVP, Security, Enea AdaptiveMobile Security. “Our signaling security platform is enhanced by our unique signaling threat intelligence; we are continuously detecting and protecting against new threats and techniques used by sophisticated bad actors manipulating multiple network protocols. Our intelligence is extracted from over 50 billion signaling events globally every day. We are delighted to be working with Digicel to help secure their networks and subscribers.”

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