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USU releases new harmonized version of flagship Software Asset Management solution

Möglingen, Germany, May 12, 2022 USU, a leading provider of IT solutions and services, has announced the availability of a new version of USU Software Asset Management, their flagship solution for analyzing and managing the real cloud and software needs for global or complex IT environments. The USU solution is already established as the SAM technology of choice for large enterprises. This release delivers faster, deeper management across the broader ITAM view of data assets such as hardware and hybrid.

Top benefits include:

  • Simple easy-to-use interface that’s harmonized across the solution
  • Powerful features for data management, integration and automation
  • Full support for cloud, hybrid and enterprise-level architecture

“Our new UI is like the tires of a high-performance car, connecting the ground to bring power to the places it’s needed, and giving you the experience you expect wherever you go,” said Hans-Peter Kozica, Managing Director, USU Technologies GmbH

With this release, the solution focuses on a new central repository for data transformation, data enrichment, and data flow. New connectors for cloud, on-prem and hybrid are supported by its flexible open system architecture. Streamlined dashboards and a consistent look & feel across the portfolio makes the workflow feel intuitive and seamless.

“My favorite part of our SAM solution is the open data architecture,” said Rebecca Horton, USU VP of Customer & Professional Services. “Your company has the ability to consume data from nearly any source in order to gain full IT visibility, support FinOps, and address SaaS challenges.”

This release of USU Software Asset Management is available for new and current customers on May 25, 2022. Current users can contact their USU account manager for an overview and update.

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