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Woofz: all your dog’s needs in one money-saving app

Whether you are a seasoned dog owner, or a new paw-rent, both owners and their dogs will benefit from Woofz, the dog app created by experts, which helps owners unlock the secrets to what makes their pet tick – and consolidate their daily needs into one, easy-to-use online space.

From dog training activities, including tips and tricks, to daily walk reminders, Woofz offers advice and friendly audio or video lessons. Say goodbye to problem behaviours such as barking or chewing,  or use the “as the dog handler” integrated feature if your pup has a specific training need.

Track your dog’s daily progress and set reminders via the Doggy calendar, and save precious moments in the image gallery. You’ll want to show off the progress certificates your dog will earn for completing each level. The app even has a  built-in clicker.

In a recent survey of 100 global users in March 2022, Woofz found that the main areas that dog owners were concerned about werem as follows:

22.5% – Pulling on the leash

16.7% – Biting

14.3% – Separation Anxiety

9.1% – Barking

8.8% – Destructive Chewing

6.6% – Aggression

6.4% – Whining for Attention


The Woofz app has tutorials to help with each of these key  problem areas. Woofz’ dog socialisation expert  says “, We understand the problems and reasons for these issues and have taken into consideration the behaviours of dogs from all sorts of backgrounds, from breeders and from shelters. As a tried and tested training app, we know that Woofz can not only result in a more harmonious dog/owner relationship, but also save on costly dog training lessons (not to mention the cost of chewed slippers!)”

The free version of the Woofz app includes access to two lessons and two commands –  or level up to the paid-for version, which offers unlimited training and support, and costs £8.49 a week, or a 12 week plan is £26.99. With UK puppy training lessons costing an average of £30 per session, that’s something else to wag your tail about.

Find the Woofz app in the App Store or  on Google Play.


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