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What’s behind the surge in interest in Private Market investments?

Once a niche part of institutional portfolios, private market investments are gaining traction with investors of all shapes and sizes. CAMRADATA’s latest whitepaper on Private Markets considers why this is the case, and the next stages of the private market evolution.

The whitepaper includes insights from firms including Barings, Morgan Stanley, LawDeb, WTW who attended a virtual roundtable hosted by CAMRADATA in March.

The report highlights that along with the traditional favourite of real estate, investors are making increasingly significant allocations to infrastructure, private equity and debt, and increasingly sophisticated portfolios of blended credit and alternative loan books.

For example, according to McKinsey’s annual survey of the sector in April 2021[i], global private equity assets under management had already reached $4.5 trillion in the first half of 2020—growing 6% from year-end 2019, or an annualised 16.2% since 2015. They expect more to come.

The whitepaper focuses on key drivers in the private markets, the challenges and opportunities facing the sector, and how those operating in the sector can find sustainable investing prospects.

Natasha Silva, Managing Director, Client Relations, CAMRADATA said, “The growing interest in private market investments is, in part, because they offer access to sectors and companies not available via public means, avoid some of the volatility that troubles listed securities and can potentially generate greater returns.

“Also, underpinning this is a powerful need for innovation within institutional portfolios, married with a genuine thirst for sustainability. Our panel considered if private market assets can enable investors to engage with and promote a sustainability agenda, which encompasses both risk management and a growing range of investment opportunities, better than public ones. They also offered valuable insight on what’s next for Private Market asset classes.”

To read more on Private Markets, download the whitepaper here.

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