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Insurer Generali Receives 314% ROI in First Year Deploying UltimateSuite Task Mining

Insurance company reaps significant business efficiency and cost saving benefits using tool to improve internal business processes and manage performance

Prague, The Czech Republic – APRIL 25th, 2022 – UltimateSuite, the task mining company, today announced the results of a successful deployment by its customer Generali, which has seen a 314% return on investment from deploying task mining in the first year of usage. Generali is the largest and oldest insurance company in the Czech Republic with more than 4 million customers. The company looked at several process mining vendors but opted for UltimateSuite’s Task Mining solution as it could be securely deployed onsite rather than in the cloud and provided granularity for identifying specific tasks to be made more efficient, using its existing RPA software. Generali deployed UltimateSuite’s Task Mining software to create a digital twin of its back-office, contact center and claim management department to map the work agenda of more than 500 employees.

“By using UltimateSuite we have been able to identify opportunities for cost optimization, including bottlenecks and workarounds being used in workflows. It has also helped us to define best practice, update our knowledge base and increase productivity while improving both the customer and employee experience,” said Jan Eisler, Senior Business Analyst at Generali. “The return on investment that we’ve seen in the first year has been considerable and we’re now looking at how UltimateSuite’s new Task Discovery tools can make it even easier to take these insights and rapidly turn them into automation and robots.”

Unlike competitor products which rely on optical character recognition and are based in the cloud, or measure limited processes across few workstations, UltimateSuite’s platform can be deployed on site at scale – making it ideally suited for use in secure data environments and to help identify tasks to optimize across organizations. The company’s software captures data including frequency of task, number of users and total time spent on an activity. It then processes that data to identify activities based on repetitive patterns which can be eliminated, streamlined or automated to make cost savings. It can also help suggest routine, mundane tasks better suited for a computer, freeing employees of boring activities and creating more fulfilling work.

“There are a number of options for financial services organizations looking to remove process bottlenecks and improve efficiency within their back-office and customer contact centers. However, many solutions based on process mining are cloud-based and use OCR, both of which can have significant setbacks in a sector that relies heavily on the use of sensitive data, making data security critical,” said Robert Samanek, CEO and Founder at UltimateSuite. “Our technology has allowed Generali to identify bottlenecks and time-consuming tasks that are ripe for automation, while at the same time having the peace of mind that it’s being locally deployed within their own security umbrella. We’re delighted with the results they have seen and look forward to our continued relationship bearing more fruit.”

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