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Latest WSO2 API Manager Release Expands Event-driven Architecture Support

Enterprises face greater pressure than ever to effectively utilise the APIs now integral to their digitally driven processes. The newest release of the WSO2 API Manager open-source API management platform helps these organisations to make the delivery of new APIs at scale faster and more manageable, accelerate API development and reuse, and improve API governance and visibility.

WSO2 API Manager builds on its support for all API styles, including AsyncAPI and GraphQL, to support real-time, event-driven architecture (EDA) scenarios by extending GraphQL APIs for push-based solutions using the WebSocket API protocol. Additionally, WebSocket APIs can now be deployed in external Kubernetes clusters by using WSO2 API Manager to externally control the Choreo Connect micro gateway in hybrid cloud deployments. Meanwhile, integration with the Solace event broker provides support for several message exchange patterns, including publish/subscribe, request/reply, streaming, and replay, along with quality of service (QoS) options.

WSO2 API Manager also adds multiple features to accelerate API development. It introduces an API-first approach to creating a managed API plus functionality for mocking up and testing APIs and integrations. The updated Developer Portal facilitates discovery and reuse by allowing externally deployed APIs to be displayed alongside locally deployed APIs. Additionally, the newest release speeds development through the auto-generation of data service definitions and fast SOAP-to-REST transformation and pass-through configuration.

The latest WSO2 API Manager release also enhances API governance. It allows developers for the first time to graphically design any policy, make it reusable, and then apply and configure any number of policies in any order for pre-API, post-API, or error execution. It also adds support for open-source Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK) based analytics with end-to-end auditing traceability for each API and integration.

WSO2 API Manager 4.1 is now generally available. To learn more, visit

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