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10ZiG Technology Joined by Microsoft for Upcoming Webinar – Windows 365 Cloud PC managed by 10ZiG & Microsoft Endpoint Management (MEM)

LEICESTER, UK – 10ZiG are thrilled to welcome Christiaan Brinkhoff, Principal PM and Community Lead, Windows 365 at Microsoft to talk alongside our Technical Solutions Architect Jason Hudson in our joint Windows 365 Cloud PC focused webinar in April.

In this session on April 13th, you’ll learn how to create the full Windows 365 Cloud PC experience, delivering it with 10ZiG Thin Clients and how to seamlessly manage them with Microsoft Endpoint Management (MEM).

Topics covered include…

  • What is Windows 365 Cloud PC?
    • Licensing & Roadmap
  • How to create device groups and how the enrolment process works at the 10ZiG endpoint.
  • How the 10ZiG Manager can also be used to create a similar outcome.
  • How to create ‘Configuration Profiles’ for your 10ZiG endpoints and how to fine tune and tweak them.
  • How to set-up ‘Kiosk Mode’ by harnessing the power of Microsoft’s Shell Launcher v.2. (Providing secure and manageable access to AVD or Windows 365 Cloud PC).
  • Setting up auto-subscription to your AVD and Windows 365 resources.
  • Creating a Windows 365 Cloud PC, including selection, configuration and assigning a user to the license.
  • Setting up and demonstrating Microsoft Teams optimization inside the Cloud PC with audio and video redirecting to the 10ZiG 6010q W10 IoT Thin Client.

You can register for the event HERE:

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