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I miss you! A new wellbeing crisis on the horizon

  • New global research from Inspiring Workplaces Group discovered that:
    • We miss or need social human interaction – 88%
    • We are struggling even more than before with creating boundaries between work and home life – 74%
    • The events of the past two years have created a binary impact on wellbeing with almost the same number of respondents reporting a positive and negative impact on their wellbeing
    • 98% of the IW community feel that they can be their true selves – fostering psychological safety within their organisations
  • The InspireWork Summits announces headline partnership with The STM Group for both London and NYC

London and New York: April 5, 2022 – New global perspectives report from Inspiring Workplaces highlights the twin threats to wellbeing from a poor work:life balance and inadequate human interaction caused by the pandemic. In fact, 74% of respondents said they are struggling to maintain boundaries between home and work. And almost nine out of ten (88%) of respondents said they miss or need social human interaction from colleagues or customers.

The report entitled: I miss you! A new wellbeing crisis on the horizon, is published almost two years to the day when much of the world was first locked down. The report draws its responses from the Inspiring Workplaces global community. It has insights that will help give employees a voice and leadership a roadmap of areas to consider as we continue to navigate our way through the seismic changes caused by the pandemic. The most encouraging response in the report shows that 98% of the Inspiring Workplaces community feel that they can be their true selves at work – fostering psychological safety within their organisations

Five themes for creating an inspiring place to work

Respondents were also asked “What one thing can your employer do to help you this year?

We consolidated the verbatim responses into five key themes below:

  1. Culture of wellbeing
  2. Community
  3. Structure
  4. Employee Voice
  5. Gratitude

Within the report we provide context to each of these themes, plus advice and opinion on how to approach them in 2022 and beyond.

Download the report for free here.

Matt Manners, CEO & Founder Inspiring Workplaces said “Our mission is to change the world by transforming the world of work. One way we do this is by providing our community with content that both inspires and instructs. We hope we have done so again with our first ever Global Perspectives report.”

In-person inspiration returns with the InspireWork Summits in London and New York City partnered by The STM Group

After a two year break caused by the pandemic, the InspireWork Summit, (formerly the Employee Engagement Awards Conference) return to London, New York and Sydney.

STM Group, a professional services marketing company, has agreed to be the headline partner in both London and New York.

Michael Gegg, STM Group said: “Working, as we do, with a broad range of clients gives us an interesting window into the world of work. We know that inspiring people post the Pandemic is going to be one of the most significant leadership challenges in the coming years. So, we are delighted to be sponsoring this conference. Matt and his team deserve a huge amount of credit for continuing to shine a light on this most important of conversations.”

Matt Manners, said: “We have always endeavoured to bring together the most inspirational and insightful content to our events whether it be case studies, thought leaders or best-selling authors. We now have an inspiring headline partner on both sides of The Atlantic too.

“It is our purpose to change the world by transforming workplaces and that starts with community and collaboration – so after three years away from in-person events we are intentionally keeping our prices low to do just that.”

Register for London here:

Register for NYC here:

The Summits will also be available online.

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