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AI voice-driven speech recognition suite, Augnito, enhances radiology and clinical reporting for Wellbeing Software

Bespoke speech recognition technology, Augnito, aids Wellbeing Software with highly accurate Radiology Information System workflows.

Scribetech has announced the integration of its disruptive, AI-powered voice-driven speech recognition (SR) software, Augnito, into Wellbeing Software’s Radiology Information System, Cris. Wellbeing Software is a leading supplier of specialist clinical information solutions, enabling better patient care to hospital departments, including radiology and maternity.

Augnito is a secure and portable AI-driven clinical SR product suite that offers fast, effortless ways to capture live clinical data, on any device, with 99.3% accuracy. The SaaS cloud-based solution is proven to create highly accurate clinical records, improving everything from patient diagnosis to patient hospital stays. Radiology departments had been the earlier adopters and pioneers of speech recognition technology to accommodate the ever-increasing levels of a wide variety of diagnostic reporting and the ever-expanding modality spectrum.

Radiologists are again picking up the baton of technology and embracing AI, proving to do the heavy lifting of reporting as demand increases. Wellbeing Software is at the forefront of this technology. Working with Augnito’s additional and specifically developed clinical API and SDK tools, the need for time-consuming localised maintenance and upgrades is reduced and can now all be done centrally in the cloud.

Adopting Augnito into Wellbeing’s Cris, the UK’s most widely used Radiology Information System (RIS), will provide significant benefits to radiologists, NHS Trusts, clinicians, and patients – including faster reporting and improved patient data, with the ability to reduce clinical risk through focused anchoring. Augnito also allows the radiologist to use multiple screens and other third-party applications securely without losing focus from the patient record.

In an industry that has seen a shortfall of radiologists and an overwhelming increase in reporting due to mounting reporting backlogs, added to the ever present administrative tasks connected to the role, time saved through AI driven clinical reporting can now begin to ease the burden on the healthcare professional.

Augnito delivers AI driven speech-enablement and voice-driven capability to applications without the need of typing or transcription but with the added ability of use across mobile and desktop devices.

Augnito technology carries Scribetech’s commitment to data accuracy along with an impressive 20-year strong relationship with the NHS. It brings speech recognition to the clinical healthcare professionals who need it the most, alleviating clinical risk, cutting costs and avoiding difficult and time-consuming upgrades to legacy systems.

Shiraz Austin, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Scribetech (UK) Ltd, said: “We are thrilled to announce this working partnership with Wellbeing – a truly symbiotic relationship. Augmenting workflows with cutting-edge technology can transform healthcare institutions to improve patient care across all departments.”

“In Radiology, this will improve the very essence of healthcare from diagnosis to treatment and recovery while minimising errors and inaccuracies. We are confident that this, in turn, will allow for significant returns on investment and enable us to expand on our mission to provide high quality and accurate speech recognition across the continuum of care. We are aiming to build many more partnerships like this in the future and reach other clinical departments where patient care is a vital part of a healthcare professional’s work”.

Steve Avery, General Manager, UK Operations at Wellbeing Software, said: “We have been incredibly impressed with Augnito. Its use of AI creates a powerful yet lightweight product that can make clinicians’ and, therefore, patient outcomes efficient and safer. It is a most-welcomed addition to our service offerings, and we are excited to pass these benefits onto our customers.”

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