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Kinetik Wellbeing working with NHS’s Monitor My Health to provide at-home blood test kits

Redhill, UK, 28th February 2022: Kinetik Wellbeing, the UK company helping people to take control of their health, has joined with Monitor My Health to provide blood test kits to empower individuals to better monitor their health at home. Monitor My Health is a not-for-profit venture launched by the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust (RD&E) to provide an easily accessible, safe and regulated service that promotes disease prevention and wellness.

Thanks to this collaboration between Kinetik Wellbeing and Monitor My Health, people with health concerns, or who simply want to learn more about their health can have their blood checked by NHS Labs. Tests include a COVID-19 Vaccine Immunity and Antibody Test, a Full Screen Test (including Diabetes, Vitamin D, Cholesterol, and Thyroid), and a Healthy Heart Test, among others. Results are available via a personalised online portal within 24-48 hours of the sample being received by the laboratory.

Since the pandemic there has been an increased interest in home testing as people have become more proactive with monitoring their own health. But with many online providers it can be hard to know who to trust. This collaboration between Monitor My Health and Kinetik Wellbeing means that people can get quick and reliable test results with the confidence that comes with using a service from the NHS.

“I am on medication and like to keep a regular check of my hormone levels using Monitor My Health, especially as it is a service run by the NHS.” Said Jill Williams a Monitor My Health user. She added, “I used their kits before the pandemic but the service has proved even more valuable throughout lockdown. If I have noticed changes in my symptoms which the results confirm, I contact my GP to look at adjusting medication. From when I order a home pack, to receiving and sending back my bloods, it is very quick, I won’t go anywhere else.”

Adrian Harris, Chief Medical Officer at the RD&E said: “With the growth in public demand for online tests, we realised that we had the ability to provide a cutting edge, safe and reliable service in an unregulated market. These tests put patients in control through fast, accurate, NHS-approved test results, helping to identify health issues in order to try and prevent them getting worse. The Monitor My Health initiative is not-for-profit, and money from commercial activity is re-invested into funding patient care in the NHS Trust.”

James Grover, Director at Kinetik Wellbeing, commented: “Our work with the RD&E’s Monitor My Health service empowers patients to better manage their health at home, and gives them peace of mind that the tests are reliable and conducted in a regulated environment. At Kinetik Wellbeing, we are passionate about providing affordable, accessible, and reliable products that give patients the information they need to live well. We are thrilled to be partnering with the Monitor My Health team to continue this mission.”

The RD&E laboratory team behind Monitor My Health was recently awarded the HSJ Acute Sector Innovation of the Year Award for their ground-breaking direct to patient testing service. To learn more about Monitor My Health and the tests available, click here:

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