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Perfect Christmas gifts for the coffee lover in your life

The coffee lover is notoriously tricky to buy for, they invest a huge amount of time and research into their passion from finding and grinding the beans, to perfecting that perfect cup.

Assembly Coffee has brewed together the ultimate Christmas gift list to satisfy even the most serious espresso aficionado.  You can check it out here: seasonal coffee gifts – Assembly Coffee London

Here’s some of their favourites:

Assembly x Skye Corewijn Coffee Cup

Handmade in London with ceramicist Skye Corewijn, these beautiful cups are a blend of porcelain and black vulcan stoneware. Designed with function in mind these are durable, tactile and refined, plus they are a pleasure to hold and drink from. The 300ml capacity and wide diameter means they fit all conventional brewing devices.

Price: £20 from the Assembly website

Orea Coffee Brewers

This is a deceptively minimal design for the most advanced apparatus out there for making hand-brewed coffee. The Orea brewer is a 100% black anodized aluminium, CNC machined, extra durable pour-over brewer. The patented ring drainage system allows for uniquely fast, hyper consistent, optimised brews that create more sweetness and clarity than other similar brewers

£55 for Orea brewer

Assembly x Soka Linens Coffee Coasters –

These 100% stone-washed linen coffee coasters come in sets of two and are hand-made in London by Norwegian-born, London-based, Soka Linens (Sonya Karlsson). They are machine washable and made from durable materials so can be used frequently without any fear of wear.

£14 for two coasters


Gift Subscriptions

Exotic coffees from around the world that are categorised as either classical or contemporary profiles. Choose one or choose a combination and then each month receive exclusive access to brewing and tasting videos which feature information on roasting, brewing, tasting and sometimes contributions from the farmers. Available in 3, 6 and 9 month subscriptions and all orders include a complimentary set of handmade linen coffee coasters.


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