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New business support provider launches in Gloucestershire to help local firms grow and succeed

A new business support provider has launched in Gloucestershire to help local businessowners grow and succeed. 

Part of the BizSmart® franchise, BizSmart® Gloucestershire has been established by experienced businessman, Granger Forson, and will give local business owners the tools they need to scale their businesses, develop their people and deliver excellence through a combination of one to one and peer to peer support sessions. 

With a passion for delivering ‘business joy’, Granger has worked with small, medium and large businesses for more than 25 years. An ‘engineer at heart’, he has a strong desire to solve problems and his first job saw him help Guinness move from hand pour to gas dispense by creating the Guinness beer tap so the drinks business could standardise its product delivery anywhere in the world. 

With the launch of BizSmart® Gloucestershire, Granger is now turning his problem solving skills to helping local firms scale and reach their full potential, harnessing the power of peer experience and expertise. 


Granger Forson, owner of BizSmart® Gloucestershire, said: “Our businesses are not just a hobby, they are the place where people go for so much of their lives, so they need to be exciting and joyful even for the mundane and boring parts.

“My decision to launch BizSmart® Gloucestershire came after I saw so many amazing parallels to my own 25 years plus of experience in the BizSmart® approach, particularly in our shared passion for helping as many local businesses as possible grow. 

“In bringing BizSmart® to Gloucestershire, business owners across the region now have the opportunity to learn more, challenge more, become more and find business joy, and we look forward to getting our work underway meeting with and working with the local business community.”


Kevin Brent, founder and managing director of BizSmart®, said: “Given the unprecedented times businesses have faced over the last 18 months, now is the ideal time to expand BizSmart® support across the UK and I can’t think of a better or more experienced person to carry the BizSmart® name in Gloucestershire than Granger.

“Since launching in Worcestershire in 2012, the success of our approach has been proven time and time again and we have become the support provider of choice, having helped hundreds of business owners increase their profits and achieve their growth ambitions. 

“I’m confident BizSmart® will be just as successful in Gloucestershire and look forward to witnessing local firms go from strength to strength with the help of Granger and the team.”

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