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Introducing the New & Improved Spiced Chai Latte!

The nation’s favourite chai latte, Drink me Chai has relaunched with a new barista improved recipe and fully recyclable metal tin. The recipe change makes for a thicker, more luxurious chai latte than ever before and the new metallic tin will look great in any kitchen!

Expertly blended using natural and authentic spices, Drink me Chai Spiced Chai Latte is gluten-free and naturally lower in caffeine than traditional tea & coffee.

It can be enjoyed hot or cold with a variety of milks including dairy, soya, oat, almond and coconut; so, it’s never been easier to replicate your favourite drink from your local coffee shop.
A Spiced Chai Latte is the perfect alternative to tea and coffee and can be enjoyed any time of day, so why not invite your friends over and create those warm and welcoming café-culture vibes from the comfort of your own home!

To enjoy hot, add three heaped teaspoons of powder into a cup and stir in 200ml of hot milk of your choice for the perfect warming wind-down. For a lighter but equally as aromatic experience at only 65 calories, simply swap milk for hot water.

To enjoy iced, add four heaped teaspoons of powder into a tall glass, pour in cold milk and whizz with a milk frother. Serve over ice for a refreshing, indulgent treat.
Spiced Chai Latte is also ideal for adding a special touch to your favourite homemade baking delights!

Try your hand at making delicious recipes such as Chai Latte & Raisin Jumble, Sticky Chai & Honey Buns or Chair Latte Spiced Scones, and for more inspiration, head over to the website

The new and improved Drink me Chai Spiced Chai Latte in recyclable packaging will be available in Waitrose, Co-op, Booths, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Ocado over the coming months.

RRP £2.80 for 250g (16 servings).
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