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Getting Your Home Autumn Ready – Tips by My Future Living

Chief Executive, Nygel Scourfield of retirement rentals brand, My Future Living, shares interior design tips for getting your home Autumn ready:


As the nights start to draw in and the days get colder, making sure your home is warm, bright and cosy should be a priority.

Whether you are about to move, or have lived in your home for years , autumn is a great time for sprucing up your home.

The winter months can be long and dark so ensuring your home is bright and cheerful can be the perfect antidote. This can be easily achieved with some of our ideas below:


Invest in warm and colourful throws and blankets

These can be used to freshen up the look of different rooms, including bedrooms and lounges. They not only add a bit of colour and interest to a room, but can be used to keep you warm and toasty when you are at home.


Paint a room

Nothing changes the look of a room than a fresh lick of paint. If the task of painting lots of rooms is too daunting, why not concentrate on the room you are going to spend the most time in over the winter? For most people that is the lounge or the kitchen. Or if you are short on time why not just brighten up your bathroom with a lovely warm colour?


Paint a warm accent wall

Can’t be bothered to paint the entire room? Why not just do an accent wall. Lounges, dining rooms or bedrooms lend themselves to an accent room and these can easily be changed every year to reflect a new theme. Warm autumn colours such as yellows, oranges and terracotta can bring instant warmth to any room and you can match in your theme with matching cushions, throws or mats.


New rugs, mats and cushions

An easy win to inject some colour into a room is to add some new rugs, mats or cushions. With so many different types, textures and patterns available these days you can easily change the theme of room simply by the items you choose.


Buy some draught fabric excluders

Heat can easily be lost through doors so one way to keep your home warm this winter is to buy some draught fabric excluders. Doors to the outside are particularly susceptible to heat escaping so make sure you have one for both your front door and back door, if you have one.


Add new pictures

Do you like bare walls or do you have lots of pictures up? Whatever your preference why not add a picture or two if you don’t currently have any up or change pictures if you already have them. Small or large, paintings or photographs, putting something on your walls can instantly make your home much more homely and interesting.


Mantelpiece, fireplace and table decorations

Bring the autumnal theme and tones into your home by using dried or fresh flowers, garlands, wreaths, pumpkins and candles to decorate different areas of your home. Another option is to make some potpourris and put it in bowls to inject some gentle natural scent and colour around your home.

Remember, for shared owners with Your ReSI Home you are free to decorate and carry out minor works, so you can take advantage of all of these suggestions!

For those considering moving into a shared ownership home, please a look at our site to find out what the benefits are and how we can help you find your ideal property in time for Christmas!



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