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From Wales to the World: Global Womens Business Conference Champions Support and Success for Women in Business

Yesterday saw women from across the world join the second Your Way- Global Women’s Conference 2021, the second such event organised by global business leader and international speaker Bernie Davies.
The full day event heard from 13 powerful and influential female leaders across the globe, from successful bankers, lawyers, healthcare advocates, innovative business creators and even an award winning Welsh female rally driver!
The event, hosted by Bernie and co-host,  PayTalks Events host Patience Bentu,  kicked off with an inspiring talk by bestselling author Alison Edgar MBE, followed by a diverse range of speakers from all walks of life.
After a day of moving stories that brought tears, passion and inspiration to a highly engaged audience of global businesswomen, the event closed with an inspirational marketing seminar led by master publicity strategist Jill Lublin from the USA.
Organiser and multi-award winning business leader Bernie Davies said:
“I believe wholeheartedly in the power of networking and collaboration, which is something we do every week in the South Wales Introbiz network – and it’s a privilege to run it alongside my husband Mark.
“However, we also need to think beyond local business networks, and share our experiences on a global scale – while we may have cultural differences, and face unique challenges, we have so much we can learn from each other.  When we focus on learning, on sharing best practice, on global diversity,  exploring what we have in common, our business leaders will be better equipped to tackle the business, economy and climate challenges that the planet is currently facing.
“Women are natural networkers, they are instinctive collaborators, who support each other and appreciate the value of shared success.  This global women’s conference was not only an international celebration of women in business sharing experiences, advice and support, but also a blending of cultures and a unique opportunity to learn and appreciate what we have in common despite the distance.
Speakers included:

Bernie Davies HOST, BESTSELLING AUTHOR, Based in Wales, UK YOUR BUSINESS YOUR WAY  Connect on Linked In

Patience Bentu, CO-HOST, PayTalks Events host Connect on Linked In


Alison Edgar MBE BESTSELLING AUTHOR, Based in the UK Connect on Linked In


Charu Mehrotra AWARD WINNING ENTREPRENEUR, Based in Singapore  Connect on Linked In

Julia Esteve Boyd    INTL ETIQUETTE CONSULTANT Based in Switzerland,   Connect on Linked In

Agnes Nsofwa SICKLE CELL ADVOCATE Based in Australia  Connect on Linked In

Babs Jamieson LAWYER, based in Ireland and Scotland  Connect on Linked In

Keisha Rodrigues PERSONAL STYLIST, based in Trinidad and Tobago  Connect on Linked In

Jade Paveley AWARD WINNING RALLY DRIVER, Based in Wales, UK  Connect on Linked In

Sharniya Ferdinand NATWEST BANK, based the Midands, UK – Connect on Linked In

Cody Gapare AWARD WINNING FOUNDER – Connect on Linked In 

Aish Moitra #1 BESTSELLING AUTHOR, Vased in Vancouver, Canada  – Connect on Linked In

Desiree Peterkin-Bell PRES / CEO DP BELL ASSOCIATES, Based in the USA –   Connect on Linked In

Jill Lublin MASTER PUBLICITY STRATEGIST, Based in the USA – Connect on Linked In

Bernie continues:
“We heard so many powerful stories from life and business – from the amazing Desiree Peterkin Bell, an incredible global and political communications strategist who worked with President Obama’s campaign, to the truly heartwarming story of Agnes Nsofwa and how she is hoping to improve the outcomes for patients with SickleCell anaemia.  It was an incredible day, of international bonding, of exceptional stories and shared learning.
“I am confident that every woman who attended will go away with at least one idea to improve their business or organisation, and their life, and I also want to thank our speakers, all of whom gave their time for free.”
“My next challenge of course, is how we top this next year!”
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