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Bringing the workforce on board. With net zero topping the agenda, GingrTech unveils new sustainability game to engage everyone at every level

To coincide with the first week of COP26 next month, Scottish business simulation games specialist GingrTech is launching a new initiative to help companies engage positively with their workforces in the drive towards net zero carbon.

It has created a new sustainability-focused game called Go Green which is designed to bring environmental and social impact decision-making into every level of the business and drive the development of practical solutions to emissions reduction.

Recognising that the green agenda has largely been accepted at corporate levels, the Edinburgh-based company now aims to cascade the need for sustainability into entry-level and middle workforce training, harnessing the enthusiasm of individuals and generating vital peer accountability.

Tim Dew, Chief Executive of GingrTech, said: “Many people are already committed to the need for environmental change in their personal lives and it is time to give them the opportunity to make a positive difference in their workplaces as well.

“Forward-looking companies are aware of the direction of travel, and that customers are increasingly conscious of ethical issues; the best way that they can meaningfully change habits is to engage the workforce in the process.

“Decision makers are likely to be worried about how to make this happen, or just burying their heads in the sand. Using the existing staff’s capabilities makes it far quicker and much easier than they would have ever imagined. And an increasing amount of data is already suggesting that sustainable businesses are outperforming those that haven’t made a change.”

GingrTech has recently attracted a further £250,000 in funding and is developing international partnerships. It aims to double its turnover to £300,000 in the next six months and has a target of £10 million in four years based on the introduction of new games every few months. It is actively recruiting.

The company is a trading name of Games Without Frontiers, which made its reputation with the hugely successful and award-winning Rocket business interaction game, which developed the technology used in Go Green.

Played in teams of between five and 15, the Go Green game focuses on decisions which affect emissions in areas such as supply chain, procurement, business travel, buying patterns and investment.

Its main marketplace will be the enterprise sector, but the game is applicable across public, charitable, and commercial sectors, including SMEs.

It will have retail and wholesale pricing models, involving either direct delivery by GingrTech teams or through consultancies and training organisation which want to increase the potency of their offerings.

Mr Dew said: “Go Green will help brands develop and make the urgent carbon savings that are needed to get them well on the way to becoming truly sustainable. By involving everyone in the company, at every level, it will encourage peer review and support a positive and structural change in mindsets around the problem.

“COP26 is a once-in-a-lifetime showcase for Scottish business and the wider society and, while the prevention agenda is largely accepted at government and executive levels, tangible change will only happen if we all take responsibility for this issue collectively.

“It is not a zero-sum game. It is not all or nothing. Incremental change is of immense value to the planet, and we must unleash the latent talent and potential within our teams to catalyse the transition which is so important to us all.”

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