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Dragon Taxis teams up with South Wales Police to ensure safe student transport

Dragon Taxis has pledged to continue the support provided by South Wales Police to ensure safe transport for students throughout the academic year.

During last month’s Freshers’ Week, which saw thousands of students arriving in the Welsh Capital, Dragon Taxis relaunched its Safe Taxi Scheme, which aligns with South Wales Police’s Cardiff Safety Buses, which were also patrolling the city every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night throughout Freshers’ Week.

Working in collaboration with Cardiff University Students’ Union and Cardiff Metropolitan University Students’ Union, Dragon Taxis’ Safe Taxi Scheme, now in its ninth successful year in the city, ensures that all students can get a lift back to their halls or student residence after a night out, even if they don’t have any money for the fare on them.

Dragon Taxis offers the service to students between the hours of 10pm and 6am, seven days a week, allowing them to book a journey to the value of £20 and pay via their Student Union within 48 hours.

By phoning 029 2033 3333, quoting either ‘Cardiff University Safe Taxi Scheme’ or ‘Cardiff Metropolitan University Safe Taxi Scheme’, and having a valid student card as proof of ID, a vehicle will be sent to stranded students as a matter of priority. Members of each Student Union are fully trained to offer support and advice about the service and to take payment.

Throughout Freshers’ Week, two Cardiff Safety Buses, staffed with a police officer and two police volunteers, were also available to students.

On board kit includes First Aid supplies, water and mobile phone power packs.

Mike Neate, Community Safety Student Liaison Office for South Wales Police, said: “Cardiff has an excellent history of partnership working which has helped ensure that its night-time economy is safe as well as vibrant and welcoming.

“Dragon Taxis’ University Safe Taxis Scheme has been a great support over the years in getting vulnerable people home safely at night, whether that’s to halls or private accommodation.

“This scheme, which compliments the South Wales Police Cardiff Safety Buses, continues to make a real difference and help keep Cardiff safe.”

Kirsty Oram from Dragon Taxis said: “Moving to a new area and starting university can be daunting, even more so for Freshers this year who are beginning their higher education experience in unusual circumstances.

“We are here as students in Cardiff find their feet; our emergency service will ensure they get home safe without worry over finding the fare. Our precautionary safety and hygiene measures against Covid-19 will also provide students with peace of mind that their journey will be as safe as possible.”

Venkateswaramma Gonavaram, Cardiff Metropolitan University’s Students’ Union President, said: “We have successfully partnered with Dragon Taxis during Freshers’ Weeks pre-pandemic, to offer every reassurance to our new students. It is an initiative which focuses on student welfare, and we will continue to support schemes like it in any way we can.”

Hannah Doe, Cardiff University’s Students’ Union President, added: “We are keen to support any scheme we can, if it improves the student experience, like this one does. It has been an unsettling time for all those starting university, after the turmoil of the last two years, but we’re thrilled with how our Freshers are settling in successfully and reassurances like the University Safe Taxi Scheme enhance this transition stage.”

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