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Spotify’s Chief Human Resources Officer Katarina Berg joins Personio Board

Spotify’s Chief Human Resources Officer Katarina Berg is joining the board of Europe’s most valuable HR tech company, Personio. At Personio,  Katarina will chair the Talent & Reward Committee, serve as an advisor to support the business with its continued rapid organizational growth and advise on product strategy. 

Katarina is an experienced HR leader with more than 25 years of expertise in leading and executing people strategies in various multinational companies. As Spotify’s CHRO Katarina heads up the company’s HR function as well as its Global Workplace Services and Strategy Operations teams. Having joined Spotify in 2013, Katarina led the company’s people and overall strategy during the transition from a startup with approximately 1,000 employees to a global category leader with nearly 7,000 employees which makes her a perfect fit for Personio’s future plans. 

Hanno Renner, co-founder and CEO at Personio: “I am delighted to welcome Katarina Berg, a highly experienced leader and one of the most forward-thinking HR professionals globally, to the Personio Board. In the course of her impressive career, Katarina has proven that she understands how to address the needs of employees in a fast-growing, global player that is in a constant state of change, and has contributed decisively to the company’s success. I am certain that Katarina’s expertise will be an incredibly valuable contribution to the continued growth of Personio, the ongoing development of our HR software as well as to our discussions on the board.”

Katarina Berg, CHRO at Spotify and newest addition to the Personio board: “As an HR professional, I know that companies are better and more successful when they have the tools at hand that enable HR teams to go beyond HR. At Spotify we’ve been missing technologies that meet these demands and have therefore been building many tools that support our people processes ourselves. When Hanno shared Personio’s vision of the future of HR tech with me, I was immediately hooked. I can’t wait for the company’s next announcement which will support European SMEs in tackling their daily challenges.” 

Katarina will be speaking at Personio’s hybrid HR Happening H.U.G on October 12 and 13, in Munich and remote, where Personio will be announcing its future take on HR software. In her talk Katarina will be sharing Spotify’s approach to dynamic workplaces.

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