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Informa Connect launches ConnectMe App, from Totem, with advanced features and sustainability gamification

Informa Connect, a live events and digital content specialist connecting professionals with knowledge, ideas and opportunities, is introducing a new premium app for attendees of its physical events worldwide.

The ConnectMe app uses digital technology to enhance the experience of attending in-person events. Plus, through gamification, app users collect points that convert into the planting of new mangroves under Million Mangroves, an established and fully validated project that supports positive climate action.

The ConnectMe app provides attendees with interactive elements such as live polling and speaker Q&A, the ability to see who else is in the room and at the venue via Room Radar, and to connect, chat and book meetings with like-minded professionals, bringing the best of technology to in-person events. QR codes are used throughout the venue to provide digital access to agendas, guides, exhibitor materials and as a way to check into event stages and meeting tables.

Once the app is downloaded, every time an attendee scans a QR code, points are collected and a live leaderboard of points scorers is displayed on the app. All of the points accumulated go towards supporting the Million Mangroves project, which plants and protects mangroves in the Philippines, Kenya and Indonesia that store huge amounts of carbon – up to four times more than rainforests – while protecting wildlife habitats and supporting local communities.

One of the first Informa Connect events to go live with the app is BioProcess International, a three day in-person event and digital experience in September 2021 for the Biopharma community and part of Biotech Week Boston. The intention is that each attendee who fully uses the app over the course of the event will earn enough points to plant at least one mangrove.

Isobel Peck, Chief Marketing Officer, Informa Connect, said: “Through the ConnectMe platform, we’ve been able to deliver outstanding virtual events to our customers. The ConnectMe app is now bringing the power of technology to enhance our physical events even further, creating a richer experience for attendees. It’s great to be able to create a fun and impactful sustainability app feature too. Sustainability is embedded throughout all our events, and the customised app feature is an engaging addition and a way for attendees to be part of important projects like Million Mangroves.”

Informa Connect uses the ConnectMe events platform, from hybrid events technology provider Totem, for its virtual events and for events and event features that blend in-person and virtual experiences.

Totem launched its hybrid events platform in 2020 with the aim of reimagining the hybrid events landscape in the wake of COVID-19. Totem allows clients to have their own unique and customisable events, event apps and app features so that they are not sharing the same experience with their competitors.

Alex Hughes, Client Services Director and Co-founder, Totem, said: “We are very pleased to be working with Informa Connect to bring new technology and features to their hybrid events experience. There is a huge opportunity for many more event organisers to embrace innovative and advanced features to engage their customers and promote and support important issues, including sustainability.”


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