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Is your DB Scheme a problem or an overlooked opportunity? Join Stoneport’s webinar on 29th September at 13.00

Stoneport, the DB pension consolidator scheme from Punter Southall, is hosting its first online webinar on 29th September at 13.00 to help employers and trustees running smaller DB pension schemes with fewer than 1000 members address the growing challenges of running these schemes alone.

The webinar’s hosts Jacqui Woodward, Head of Covenant at Stoneport and Margaret de Valois its Senior Consultant will discuss the major issues faced by smaller schemes including high running costs, growing regulatory compliance, the risks to members’ pension promises and delivering benefits efficiently and effectively and how a pooled solution like Stoneport can help.

Jacqui Woodard says, “Our 30-minute webinar will highlight the mounting challenges facing employers and trustees running small DB schemes. We will provide insight into how a consolidation solution like Stoneport will radically reduce their costs, remove their regulatory pressures, and the hassles of administration.

“We will discuss how Stoneport brings smaller DB schemes together and runs them like one large scheme allowing members to benefit from economies of scale, but it also still respects the identifies of schemes in terms of benefit design, their funding positions and ensures flexibilities around investment and contribution choices.”

Margaret de Valois adds, “We are looking forward to talking to employers and trustees about how Stoneport differs from other consolidation solutions, how it can reduce their costs by 80% and reduce their financial risks – ensuring more secure retirement outcomes for their members.”

Anyone with responsibility for a scheme with fewer than 1000 members that is closed to accruals (or considering closing them), and a sufficiently strong covenant should sign up here:


Image caption: (l-r) Margaret de Valois and Jacqui Woodward

About Stoneport

Stoneport is a consolidation vehicle for occupational defined benefit pension schemes in the UK with fewer than 1,000 members. It was conceived and developed by Punter Southall and will be managed by Stoneport Pensions Management Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Punter Southall. Barnett Waddingham will provide administration services plus the actuarial and investment advisory services required to operate Stoneport. Stoneport will be regulated by the Pensions Regulator, just like the small schemes it provides a solution for.

About Punter Southall

Punter Southall has been developing new ways to transform people’s financial future, since 1988. We help our clients to discover and seize the right opportunities. By listening to them and understanding their needs, we change and adapt our portfolio of companies and services to help deliver their goals. We work with pension schemes, employers, insurers, charities, and private clients to provide expertise in pensions and investments, wealth management, workplace savings, health and protection, and financial data.


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