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The holiday activities you didn’t know could invalidate your travel cover 

With holiday travel on the up[1], research reveals outdoor activities, and a summer of sports could cost Brits more than £1 billion in replacing or repairing personal electronic items[2].

With two in three Brits purchasing some form of travel insurance when booking a holiday
[3], it’s important to know what could invalidate your insurance claim while being on holiday and what to look out for when choosing the right policy for your trip.

With that in mind, leading insurance provider, 
insurance2go, has revealed four common activities that might affect your insurance whilst abroad.

  1. Leaving your phone unattended 

If your phone is stolen while left unattended, then it’s possible your insurer won’t pay out for it. That means if you leave your device on your sunbed and then get in the pool, for example, then you risk invalidating your claim if something happens to it.

This is because for a claim to be valid, most insurers need to see that “reasonable precautions” have been in place to stop property being damaged or stolen. If something is left unattended, then this is often viewed as the claimant not having taken reasonable precautions. 

  1. Taking part in sports not covered by your insurance

Many people on holiday enjoy taking part in sports, but they all come with risk. While standard travel insurance policies can provide cover for most sporting activities, those that are more on the adventurous side, as well as extreme and winter sports, may be excluded or have specific T&Cs around them. 

Some insurers will automatically cover activities such as swimming, snorkelling and tennis to name a few, but if you’re planning a jet ski trip or rock climbing, for example, it’s important to carefully check the extent in which you’re covered. Remember, policies vary so be sure to check yours to see which sports are included. 

  1. Taking sports equipment without dedicated cover

For those who are off on a sporting holiday, it’s best to look at specialist policies that can cover your equipment. Golf clubs are the main example here, as many standard policies won’t cover these, although many will offer it as an add-on. 

The same often applies for other sports needing specialised equipment, like skiing. Just one in six annual travel insurance policies include cover for winter sports
[4]. These sports carry a high risk of injury or equipment damage, so it’s best to do your research and choose a dedicated policy to make sure you’re covered. 

  1. Not locking your hotel room properly

Many travellers believe their hotel rooms are one of the safest places they can find while abroad. However, leaving valuables such as travel documents and electronics in plain sight may invalidate your claim if they were to be stolen from the room. 

As is the case with leaving your items unattended, if you can’t prove that reasonable measures were in place to keep your property safe, then you may struggle with your claim. For extra peace of mind, always keep your valuables inside a locked safe if available.

  1. Exceeding your claim limit 

It’s vital that before taking out insurance cover you understand your claim limit. If your insurance policy only covers you up to £1,000 for example, but you know the tech you’re taking with you will exceed this amount, then that could invalidate your claim. 

Be sure to factor in everything you need cover for before going away and ensure this is taken into account with any insurance policy you take out before going away.

A spokesperson at insurance2go commented: “A travel insurance policy should be tailored to your specific needs and your potential financial loss. After all, a trip is to let your hair down and enjoy, not worry about those additional expenses which you’ll have to shell out for, once the trip ends. 

“Our advice is to always check your T&Cs in detail, understand the purpose of your trip and make sure your policy will cover this, determine the exact policy you need and finally make sure your claim limit covers what you need it to. 

“It can sometimes feel like the bottom of the priority list to make sure your belongings are covered while going on holiday, but if the worst does happen to your gadgets, then it can quickly leave you with a financial headache, on top of the usual post-holiday blues. Taking that time to do your research before jetting off will give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your holiday without a second thought.”

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