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Industry Accolade for Meryl Medical

Peter Clodd-Broom, Co-founder of Meryl Medical, the hi-tech innovative textile manufacturer has been honoured with an invitation to speak at a prestigious international event.

On 2 November Peter will be addressing an informed industry audience at the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide’s global conference, namely the PCIAW® Summit 2021 to be held in Central London.

Peter will be contributing to the main conference agenda on latest developments in technologies and key innovations and trends that will be shaping tomorrow’s future.

This much coveted accolade comes hot on the heels of the company’s recent launch of a range of technologically advanced, environmentally sustainable fabrics, revolutionising the way we think about, use, and dispose of textiles.

Peter comments: “We are thrilled that we have been invited to speak at such a high-profile industry event, and are extremely excited by the opportunity of sharing our revolutionary insight on how the technology can be used to benefit industry globally. This is due to its innate ability to function in different types of settings and product designs from workwear and doctors clothing to bedding.

“We have created a product that will greatly reduce the environmental impact on society with its recyclability and sustainability components. Our fabrics are manufactured with zero water waste, zero chemicals or solvents and zero microfibres, with antiviral and antibacterial properties.”

In partnership with Nylstar Hydrogen Technologies, Meryl Medical has developed strong and durable textiles that can be completely reused, focusing on environmental impact, quality and protection built around a sustainable circular economy. The company is committed to supporting the UN’s sustainable development goal of responsible consumption and production by changing the way we produce and consume goods and resources.

Meryl Medical’s impressive material is completely non-shedding, zero microfibre pollution in air or water. The company prides itself on virtually eradicating all production waste at the manufacturing stage, which can be as high as 22%, by returning weaving and cutting waste for reuse in new yarns.

The fabric can also be washed at a lower temperature than cotton-based materials and has a hugely reduced transport route, significantly lowering the carbon footprint of the product from its creation stage through to the end of its life when it can be fully recycled and made into another sustainable product.

All Meryl Medical products are treated with a permanent antiviral-effect, antibacterial and antifungal technology co-developed alongside their virology partner, HeiQ. HeiQ helps improve the lives of billions of people by adding functionalities to all kinds of materials through scientific research, specialty materials manufacturing and consumer ingredient branding.

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