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Get iPhone 13 ready with juice®’s brand-new range of mains chargers

Revolutionary mobile phone accessories brand, juice®, has launched a whole new range of mains chargers specifically for iPhone 12 (and soon to be iPhone 13) users following Apple’s decision to no longer include a power adapter in the box.

With the iPhone 13 expected to launch this September, the forward-thinking company has stepped in with a solution and developed several alternative products for consumers who will now require a USB-C plug to charge their new phone.

Designed to provide power to suit everyone’s needs, the range consists of five different plugs starting at 20W (Lightning, Type C and duo USB) right through to a huge 65W GaN duo USB plug (dubbed juice®’s ‘EVERYTHING’ charger) as it is strong enough to fuel phones, tablets and even laptops.


CEO of juice®, Jolyon Bennett, confirmed:

“When it comes to new product development, not even a global pandemic can hold us back. As soon as we found out that Apple were no longer including a plug in the box with its latest iPhones, we knew we had to do something.

“We’ve worked extremely hard to up our game in product innovation and develop a range that includes something for everyone, starting with the standard 20W Type C charger (which is priced £5 cheaper than Apple’s own version), right through to 65W for those who require even more power.

“We’re also proud to say that we’ve achieved all this whilst being a bit kinder to the planet. Since last summer, every juice® product we’ve released has been packaged in 100% recyclable plastic, with this range being no exception.”


As Apple explained during its iPhone 12 event in 2020, excluding the power adapter reduces the size of the box, meaning 70% more devices can fit onto a shipping palette. The global technology company claims that smaller boxes will allow them to reduce yearly carbon emissions by 2 million metric tons, however, according to recent Growth from Knowledge (GfK) data, the average number of plugs sold each month since the iPhone 12 launched has increased by 147% (from 75k to 185k units), with the demand for 20W Type C plugs showing no signs of slowing down.

Despite the last 12 months being an extremely challenging and unpredictable time for many, the juice® team has maintained its market leading position throughout. In July 2020, juice® became the first mobile phone accessories retailer in the UK to completely remove single-use plastic packaging, promising no increased costs for consumers and no compromise on quality.

This latest range features the new 100% recyclable packaging manufactured from post-consumer waste, with the size of the packaging for the 20W and 30W plugs significantly reduced.

All five lines are available for customers to purchase from Amazon, Boots and WH Smith, as well as from the juice website.

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