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Earthy neutral interiors for a fashionable Autumn 2021

Bring chic, earthy neutrals into your home inspired by runway looks of the season. Warm, spicy tones take centre stage, layered over timeless neutrals to amp up this fashionable style.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice, shares 3 ways to get a stylish autumn look at home.


  1. Create a chic and cosy bedroom using an earthy, spice-inspired palette


Astor Grey Velvet Double Bed – £329.99 -

Create a cosy and welcoming haven to relax in as temperatures begin to dip. Mirror the richness and depth of spices like garam masala and turmeric by bringing in warm earth tones such as reddish brown and tan. As seen on the runways, these rich, complex shades add instant warmth and a trendy, worldly style to any space.

“Fashionable and intuitive, they create a deep, contemporary palette that encourages slow living, perfect for winding down comfortably indoors,” says Rebecca.

A stylish autumn outfit calls for a mix of light and heavy, like a summer dress topped with a leather jacket. Bring this chic layering technique into the home – balance out a deep coloured bedroom with light neutrals and soft materials. “Choose mainstay pieces in timeless neutrals – cream storage drawers or a grey velvet bed, for instance – so it’s easy to update your space throughout the different seasons,” explains Rebecca.

Create an irresistibly cosy space with comfy linen bedding, a chunky knit throw and velvet pillows. “Reach for soft and smooth materials like linen or silk instead of jute, which can feel a little rough,” she says. As a finishing touch, decorate with fresh greenery and gold accents.


2. Introduce olive green for a lush, peaceful living room


Harlow Grey Velvet L Shape Corner Sofa – LHF – £899.99 -

As summer transitions to autumn and the countdown to Christmas begins, make the switch from bright poppy colours to richer, deeper shades like olive green. “This is a subtle, quiet colour that brings comfort and peace while also being incredibly lush and stylish,” says Rebecca.

“Much like switching your footwear from sandals to boots, use colours and materials that are specific to autumn indoors,” explains Rebecca. Introduce olive green and warm earth tones through pillows, throws or even wall art as a start. “Alternatively, an olive green accent wall makes a lovely backdrop for the festive months.”


3. Style an elegant dining room with warm lighting and soft materials


Addison Industrial Oak Dining Table and Bench with 2 Perth Vintage Brown Leather Chairs – £649.99 -

“Using a subtle, darker palette with just a hint of shine, style your dining room like an elegant autumn outfit,” says Rebecca.

“Signal the switch from bright summer days to cosy autumn evenings by borrowing from the concept of hygge – use warm lighting and candles to ease in a relaxed and comfortable feeling.”

Just as accessories can add the perfect finishing touch to a great outfit, complete the look by introducing a mix of soft, smooth materials. Ceramic tableware and linen napkins lend a natural feel, while faux fur throws are comfortable and indulgent.

“Incorporate the autumn palette of lush olive green and spice-inspired earth tones throughout your table to get a cohesive, designer-led approach – and the gorgeous colours will tie your whole home together beautifully,” advises Rebecca.

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