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Guest posting opportunities and banner ads are available on our news sites – please see below to learn more.  

Banner Advertising Opportunities

We offer Banner Advertising for £100 per month (top banner) and £50 per month (side banner)

We strictly do not accept advertising for adult sites.

To enquire about banner advertising and guest post services, please email [email protected]


We generally do not offer backlinks on existing content, as a large volume of our content is contributed by authors and professionals in their sector.  

We therefore suggest that people who want a backlink consider submitting a high quality, relevant guest post article that is of interest to our audience.  Charges for coverage are listed below.

Editorial, Paid Guest Post and Advertising Opportunities

Free Editorial Coverage 

We offer very limited free editorial coverage to businesses who submit high quality articles via one of our PR partners.  Space is limited and if accepted, publication can take up to 10 working days.   If you need urgent, same-day coverage, there is a small publication charge of £35 per article.

PRs can submit their news via links on our sites or by emailing [email protected]

Please note the fastest way to get coverage is to submit your news to the most relevant single site of your choice.  

Guest Posts

We also offer paid, permanent guest post opportunities on our news sites.  Guest post opportunities are available on all our sites from £50.

Guest posts should target our normal audience and be of independent value to our audience – for this reason they are not marked as sponsored content. 

If we accept a guest post that does not target our audience, such as an advertorial. the price will be higher and the post would need to be marked as sponsored.

Content Agencies

Discounts are available on these rates for agencies providing more than 10 articles per month.  Please note no other discounts are given.

We strictly do not accept guest posts with links to adult sites.

To enquire about banner advertising and guest post services, please email [email protected]

Our News Sites and Their Target Audience


News from Wales 

Articles must be of interest to a Welsh Business Audience

UK Tech News

Articles must target a UK professional tech audience (not a home user)

Employer News

Articles must target a UK professional HR audience

SME Business News

Articles must target UK SMEs

Wellbeing News 

Articles must target the UK wellness community


Business in the News Articles should target the UK Business community

Taste at 55articles should be about food and drink

Telecoms Newsarticles should be about UK Telecoms

Builder-Masterarticles should be about the UK Construction industry

All Post Newsa Flexible site welcoming all manner of news

Tea Talk Magazine –  a lifestyle news site that focuses on women’s and home interests

UK News Latesta Flexible site welcoming all manner of news

AlwaysFinancearticles should be about professional finance


Camping in Britain

Articles should target UK Campers

Daily Business Now 

Suitable for General Business Audience

The Property Group 

Articles should target the property industry

North Wales Business 

Articles should target a North Wales Audience

High Quality Copywriting

Our copywriting team has more than twenty years experience in SEO and digital marketing.

We offer digital copywriting for £35 per article.